Thien Viet Growth Fund 2 – TVGF2
TVGF2 is a closed-end listed fund with a well-diversified portfolio investing in listed and prelisted securities. The Fund has a 3 years lifespan. During its operating period, TVGF certificates can be traded on HOSE like other listed equities.
Investment Objectives and Strategies
The Fund’s investment objectives are to seek for long-term growth of capital, maximize investors’ profit and outperform all Vietnam indexes. In pursuing these objectives, the Fund will focus on investing in listed and prelisted securities of Vietnamese companies that offer superior opportunities for growth. The Fund seeks to invest in companies with strong characteristics including an experienced and proven management team that supports corporate governance and financial transparency, a high-growth business model, differentiated products or services, superior competitive advantages, a significant market share, and a clear and demonstrable exit strategy for investors.
Estimated Released Time
From 20 October 2017 to 15 December 2017
Management fee 1.0% p.a., Performance fee 20% p.a. over 8% hurdle rate with high water mark.
Quarterly official NAVs & annual audited NAVs for purposes of transparency.
The Fund will generally hold between 15 - 25 securities.
Investment Restrictions
For risk control and portfolio diversification, no more than 20% of the NAV may be invested in a single company, no more than 30% of the total NAV may be invested in a single sector, no more than 15% of total NAV may be invested in unlisted companies and no more than 10% of total NAV maybe invested in bond. The Fund will not invest in more than 15% stake of any company. No gearing will be allowed.
Fund Size
Estimated VND 200 billion
Total issued shares
Estimated 20 million shares
Listing exchange
Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange - HOSE
Issued price
VND 10,100
Par Value
VND 10,000
Ernst & Young
Custodian Bank
Functional Currency
Investment Director
Nguyen Duy Quang
Investment Committee
Nguyen Trung Ha, Dinh Thi Hoa, Bui Thi Kim Oanh, Nguyen Thanh Thao
TVGF2’s documents